Fairytale Princess Parties Discuss a Perfect Princess Party and How to Plan Ahead

Fairytale Princess Parties

November 25, 2021

Fairytale Princess Parties Discuss a Perfect Princess Party and How to Plan Ahead

A princess party is something your child will remember for the rest of their lives.

It’s magical to have their favorite character show up at their party. However, a successful party requires planning and avoiding potential pitfalls. Mary-Jean Harris is the owner of Fairytale Princess Parties. She’s here to tell you how to make your princess party the best it can be.

Mary-Jean Harris says that Fairytale Princess Parties offers the most popular characters that may be booked as the party date draws near. Booking your party as soon as possible gives you peace of mind. You’ll know your child will get to meet their favorite princess.

Fairytale Princess Parties allow up to 25 guests for an indoor party and 100 guests for an outdoor party. However, more isn’t always better. A smaller crowd can allow your child more time to interact with the princess. Try to find a balance between enough guests and too many.

Fairytale Princess Parties says that once your princess performer arrives, she will be entirely in character. You can help maintain this magical experience by treating her as her character.

If you need to speak with her about non-princess issues, do so where small ears can’t hear you. If you want to tip your princess, be sure to do so away from guests.

Mary-Jean notes that many less than stellar princess parties have one thing in common. There’s too much noise. You’ll want your child and guests to be able to hear and communicate with the princess.

When your princess is there, the noise level should be low enough to enjoy the conversation. Loud music and bouncy castles create a noisy environment, so avoid these when your princess is there Fairytale Princess Parties goes on to explain.

Your princess will be at the party for 30-90 minutes. Avoid planning other activities during this time. Eat before or after time with your princess. Have guests place presents in an area where the birthday girl won’t constantly be asking when it will be time to open them.

It’s best to bring out the birthday cake right before your princess leaves. She can participate in singing Happy Birthday and then slip away, allowing the children to transition to their next activity.

Fairytale Princess Parties offers Its advice and says that it is essential to communicate your plans and desires before and during the party. According to Mary-Jean, if boys will be at the party, let the company know ahead of time so your princess can bring items suitable for boys and girls.

If your birthday girl wants a particular song or activity, this should be mentioned ahead of time as well. It’s also a great idea to let your princess know if her visit is a surprise.

Mary-Jean Harris

Mary-Jean Harris became the owner of Fairytale Princess Parties in 2018. Before she was the owner, she was a princess herself. She has a Master’s degree in theoretical physics and an undergraduate degree in physics and philosophy.