Fairytale Princess Party Mary-Jean Provides Tips on How to Make a Child’s Dream Come True

Fairytale Princess Parties

July 10, 2021

Fairytale Princess Party Mary-Jean Provides Tips on How to Make a Child's Dream Come True

Mary-Jean Provides Tips on How to Make a Child’s Dream Come True with Fairytale Princess Parties.

The company has been in operation since 2015, and Mary-Jean became the owner in October of 2018, after previously working as a princess performer. She gives her all to make this fantastic company magical for their customers and entertainers!

Mary-Jean has a degree in theoretical physics and a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and physics, which has equipped her with the talents and attention to detail necessary to build a dependable and genuinely remarkable event planning business. In addition, Mary-Jean is a teaching assistant and tutor for students of all ages.

Making a child’s dream come true with fairytale princess parties is a magical and enchanting experience for everyone. Their name may imply that their business is only for those who love fairytale princesses, but they also have superheroes, an Easter Bunny, and the Grinch! They have over 27 characters – certainly one for every child. Mary-Jean also works with the “Make a Wish Foundation” to help make critically ill children’s dreams a reality!

Some of their characters include Snow White, Cinderella, Prince Charming, the Little Mermaid, a Web-Spinning Hero, a Warrior Princess, and Wizard Students. Monster Girls are also a big hit. There is a princess or character for every event and season – they even have winter princesses, a snowman, and the Grinch.

Of Fairytale Princess Parties’ 12 packages, one of the most popular is the Enchanted package, which is thirty minutes long and perfect for children under 3 due to their short attention span. You can have up to three princesses.

They will sing, tell stories, and interact with the little ones.

For older children, the 90-minute royal package is perfect for ages four to nine. Three princesses are recommended but you may be able to book more at an additional cost. The princess performs a special ceremony and crowns the birthday child. They will all sing, dance, play games, and the princess(es) will tell a story about their life. This package is a lot of fun, and photos are encouraged!

All characters are available for corporate events, including holiday parties with employees and families, charity events, community events, daycares, school events, fairs, balls, galas, and Halloween events.

Fairytale Princess Parties Mary-Jean also has virtual events set up, such as storytime, PJ parties, and tea parties. Other events include meet and greet photo ops (when appropriate), paint parties, ceramic parties, sleepover parties. Mary-Jean has made the company a community-wide success. Even adults enjoy participating in the events. Some events are free with a requested donation made to the Make a Wish Foundation.